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  • Insights from product leaders like Ash Maurya, Des Traynor, Rohini Pandhi, Teresa Torres, Ryan Singer, and Bob Moesta.
  • Explore modern product strategy, building, leadership, teams & more.
  • Get actionable advice for your team to implement today.

Product Management TACTICS is packed full insights from the most highly respected product leaders around today. The book features several contributions in each of its chapters -- Pre-Product, Product Building, Managing Product, Product Teams, Product Strategy and Leadership.  


Exclusive Insights From Talks Given By:

"Product Management TACTICS should be a mandatory read for any Product Manager, plain and simple." 

"it succeeds in showing the numerous challenges of being a product manager, and gives advice from brilliant fellow product people who were kind enough to share their knowledge and experience. The topics cover the life of a product from the early stages of refinement and discovery, to the pricing, and passing by go-to market experiments and the best strategies for scaling a great product team."

Yves Thibodeau, PetalMD

"I especially enjoyed Rohini Pandhi's insights into gathering data to make informed decisions as well as embracing failure to ensure a stronger product in the end. Jen Dante's reflection on the purpose of a product team and the importance of that purpose will ring true to anyone that has ever been a part of a team with misaligned goals. Every single section will add value to your Product Management toolkit! "

Dan Nelson, Indago

"With the concise and insightful summaries of INDUSTRY sessions in this ebook, I was able to digest the highlights and find which speakers and sessions I wanted to dig deeper on. It's a great resource for anyone who can't attend INDUSTRY in person."

Chris Burdick, Zoro

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