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Get insights from renowned product leaders at companies like Intercom, Tinder, and Intuit, and:

  • Set principles in place to guide your product decisions
  • Become data-informed
  • Think through building out customer roadmaps
  • Avoid becoming a 'Feature Factory'

Product Management TACTICS is packed full of insights from the most highly respected product leaders around today. The book features several contributions in each of these chapters:

Product Principles

Using Customer Data

Product Roadmaps

Avoid Becoming a 'Feature Factory'

When Moving Fast Helps

Managing Products at Scale

Exclusive Insights From Talks Given By:
Paul Adams

VP of Product at Intercom

Dan Olsen

Author of The Lean Product Playbook

Rich Mironov

Smokejumper Product Executive

Pooja Naidu

Director of Product for Financial Times Group Products

Suzie Prince

Head of Product at ThoughtWorks Products

Brian Norgard

Former Chief Product Officer at Tinder

Melissa Perri

CEO at ProdUX Labs and Author of Escaping the Build Trap

Jimena Almendares

VP Global Expansion at Intuit

"An excellent read that covers numerous critical challenges within the Product Management space. Tactics efficiently discusses tasks including data analytics, lean product strategies, how to effectively manage roadmaps, and more."

Heath Shuford

Communication Service for the Deaf

"Product Management TACTICS Volume 2 is a knowledge-quenching, thought-provoking read that leverages the expertise of several industry leaders."

Michael Tumblin

Platform Product Manager at Ryvit

"I found this a concise and instructive aggregation of Product Management tactics worthy of review and reflection".

Patrick Bragg

Product Leader, Technologist, and Business Strategist

This book contains a comprehensive look at the latest Product Management tactics for you and your team.

You will find contributions gleaned from live presentations from renowned product leaders given at the 2019 European edition of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference. We´ve captured the highlights, dissecting the most critical points just for you. In most cases, we even include links to the live presentations so you can continue the learning.